1895 deer park ave,
deer park, n.y. 11729


DDA Mission Statement

​​​​Our vision here at Dream Dancers Academy is to bring out the best of each students ability. We are not looking to be a money factory. Yes, it's a business, but first and foremost we want our students to love the art of dance and to learn. We've made sure to hire what we feel are the very best instructors to accomplish learning at the level they should be. Yes it's fun, but it is also work. In anything your child does, they know it takes work to excel. Anyone who dances aspires to grow and be the best they can be. Anyone who has put in time and effort for 5 years should be capable of more than a 2 year level. Dance is a release. It's an outlet. It should be fun yet challenging.

We offer a FREE TRIAL CLASS to everyone because we are confident in our staff, our Academy, and our vision. We also have a FRIEND REFERRAL PROGRAM. If you refer friend and they join, you will receive 5% off of your monthly tuition as a THANK YOU!

Tap is tap, ballet is ballet etc. We do encourage our students to take ballet as it is the foundation for all dance. Jazz is not Hip Hop and this is why the students wear sneakers and work out clothes for Hip Hop with the exception of Converse sneakers because they have no arch.

All other classes require the proper attire and dance shoes so we can see proper lines, stance, pointed feet, body alignment, etc.

This studio is for people who want to learn and be challenged....
From the ages of 3 and up, the students will have a firm foundation and grow.
Check out our instructors, try a class, and let your children, teens, and yourselves be confident that you can have fun, work hard, learn, excel, and love to DANCE!